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At Billman Construction, our top priority in every build is you, our customer. We know that you have let us into your lives to share a very personal experience, creating a home for you and your family. We realize that trust is the foundation of any strong relationship and will work daily to uphold that value. At the end of the day, more customers choose Billman Construction based on a referral than by any other method.


"My wife and I had been planning to build a house for years. Early in 2019 we decided to pull the trigger on some land and start the process. With a modest budget and basic design ideas in hand, we attended the Arrowhead Home Builders show in April. The majority of the contractors basically laughed at our budget. Gregg was the only person we spoke with who was excited to take a look. He pulled up plans of other similar builds/budgets that Billman Construction had recently completed, and we started to formalize the process.

The house design, drafting, planning, materials selection, building, etc. was a steep learning curve for us, but Gregg and crew were patient, informative and available. We made plenty of changes, hemmed and hawed regularly, and decided to tackle some of the build ourselves. Billman was supportive the whole way and continues to be as we follow up on some final mods, additions, and repairs. Groundbreaking to move in was quick at about 4.5 months" -Greg S


"Great to work with. Very accommodating. We added on a family room during construction and it was seamless." -John B.


"Billman Construction made building our home so easy!  This is our third new home build and we had no stress or issues.  Working with Greg Billman was seamless.  His pleasant manner and his depth of knowledge made this a great experience.  We would highly recommend Billman Construction to anyone starting a new home project." -John B.